Koikatsu mod – Sega Dreamcast SeHa girl accesories pack

Several accessory items ripped from Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls’ Dreamcast Model. The pack contains her hair, head accessory, shoulder/neck accessory, the Dreamcast logo accessory and a basic chara card you can use! To install it requires the latest HF-Patch, place the .zipmod into your mods folder inside the Koikatsu game folder. Put the […]

Emotion Creators HF Patch released!

ManlyMarco has compiled the first EmotionCreators HF Patch! Download it over on GitHub. Give Manly some love peeps. they do a lot of the mods for Koikatsu and now EmotionCreators. Check out their Patreon!

Emotion Creators released & first mods emerge

Illusions latest project Emotion Creators is out now and modders are already figuring out how to mod the game. Not entirely surprising since it is based off of Koikatsu. However EmoCre uses a newer version of unity, so old mods and old sideloader mods currently DO NOT work an will have to be updated for […]

Staxel Mod – Shit tickets

Have you ever wondered why there is only standard toilet paper available in Staxel and not other kinds, like shit tickets? Well that changes now! I’ve made several varieties of shit tickets for your bum wiping pleasure. See image for more details. The shit tickets are available for purchase in the catalog… I think. I […]

What am I even doing?

Continuing my quest to neppyfy every videogame I can! Please enjoy this nonsense. This is a custom ship mod for Tyrian 2000. Download it here (Why?) The game is available on GOG (It’s also FREE so go get it!) Place the file into the main game folder. When in game press TAB+1 to change to […]

Add battle.net to the GOG Diablo DirectX version

Thanks to GOG user sifaaa for their post over on the GOG forum here. I have done some testing and found some additional steps required to get it functioning. Copy these three files from the base game Diablo folder to the dx sub-folder: BATTLE.snp, bncache.dat and bnupdate.exe open up Notepad and paste in the following […]

Staxel mod – Neptunia pack: Sisters Generation

Clothes and hair pack for the sister characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2. The pack includes hairstyles for Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram as well as their respective clothes. All clothing items are purchasable from the catalog, just search for your favorite character by name! The hairs are available in character customization. Note: Roms and […]

Slipstream mod – Nepnep goes vrooooom!

So I made this random mod for Slipstream. I did it more as a exercise for myself, as the game has anti tamper protection to prevent cheating, but I managed to get past it. I won’t however be releasing this mod as it would mean I would have to release the modified executable file. As […]

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