Koikatsu mod – Sega Dreamcast SeHa girl accesories pack

Several accessory items ripped from Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls’ Dreamcast Model. The pack contains her hair, head accessory, shoulder/neck accessory, the Dreamcast logo accessory and a basic chara card you can use! To install it requires the latest HF-Patch, place the .zipmod into your mods folder inside the Koikatsu game folder. Put the […]

Koikatsu mod – Emi’s mask

I decided to re-create Eriksonix’s OC Emi in Koikatsu, but there was no way to add a custom texture to her mask, so I made one myself. The mod requires the latest KK_HF_Patch and the mod file to work. I hope you find this useful if not as an item you would use, then perhaps […]

Koikatsu mod – GOG logo emblem

Nothing to it really, the GOG logo as an emblem for clothing items that support it. This is a sideloader mod, I’m not going to be making any regular mods. This means the mod requires BepInEx & BepisPlugins Download BepInEx here & BepisPlugins here. Installation instructions: Place the .zipmod file into your /mods/ folder. That’s […]

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