Illusion HoneySelect and Koikatsu character cards

Here’s my cards I use in Koikatsu and HoneySelect.

Just plop em’ in to your /userdata/chara/female folder for the respective game.

HoneySelect cards:

Mod requirements for most of my cards: My own mods here, Basic shapes mod, Colorable Clothing and as many hair mods as you can get cause I don’t know which ones I used.

Click the above button to download all my Honey Select cards!

Koikatsu cards:

Mods I use in these: My own mods here and KK-HF patch, get it here.

Leah and Vera are original characters by AirisuBaka.

Please consider giving him a follow on Twitter or Pixiv!

Click the above button to download all my Koikatu cards!

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